Illustration of the Frenectomy Procedure Frenectomy Procedures

A tongue or lip-tie is a relatively common condition in infants and children and can be diagnosed at any age.  Restricted oral tissues can affect breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, sleep, solid feeding, speech, jaw development and other important functions now and in the future.

A lingual frenectomy is the release of a tongue-tie to ensure proper mobility, elevation and protrusion of the tongue. This can be done to help with speech, feeding, or growth and development issues.

A labial frenectomy (upper lip-tie release) and a mandibular frenectomy (lower lip-tie release) is the release of the fascia attaching the lip to the gums.  This typically helps reduce the spacing between adult teeth or the recession of the gums around the teeth that can be caused from a high frenum attachment.

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